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AI Investment Platform

Unlock Growth: Save Time and Scale Your Business with QuantumStreet AI’s Investment Platform Powered by IBM Watson.

Build and manage personalized portfolios with confidence and transparency.

$6 Billion in institutional assets are entrusted to us.

QuantumStreet AI transforms billions of data points into smarter investing by unlocking investment and market insights.

Delivering innovative investment solutions, embedded with IBM watsonx.

Highest Ranked Stocks, ETFs, & Sectors


Analyze your clients’ portfolios with Generative AI Forecasts and Summaries. Measure the risk and return forecasts of your holdings against benchmark projections across asset classes, sectors, and geographical perspectives.


Efficiently summarize the global news affecting your clients’ portfolios, equipping you with a compelling and thorough narrative to share. Delve into the specifics and highlight to your clients the most influential portfolio signals and key news stories.


Build personalized portfolios for your clients on demand. Create portfolios that match your client’s risk and return objectives. You understand your clients best, so you drive the decisions that count, with full support from the QuantumStreet platform. Craft a variety of portfolios, spanning from multi-asset to thematic strategies.

Model Strategies

Deploy portfolios akin to our $6 billion in institutional index strategies. Foster client trust with portfolios of institutional caliber, utilized by major global financial institutions across 5 continents. Multi-Asset and Sector strategies are ready and available and additional models may be requested.

investment intelligence for institutional investors

Every day, QuantumStreet AI with Watsonx synthesizes millions of news articles alongside macroeconomic, fundamental, technical, and alternative data, offering you forecasted returns and risk with confidence scores and full transparency.

forecast market direction and risk

The forecasted returns and risks are generated through probabilistic modeling, which analyzes historical and present signal data using pattern recognition techniques. Each projected return includes both a high and low forecast. The range between these values adjusts according to the confidence level: higher confidence corresponds to a narrower spread between the low and high forecasts, while lower confidence widens the gap.

Decide confidentiality

Every return and risk forecast comes with a confidence rating, evaluating the historical and current signal data environment for pattern recognition. This rating also considers the historical volatility of the security and the accuracy of past forecasts.

A higher confidence rating signifies a stronger pattern recognition in the signals, providing greater reliability in the return and risk forecast.

See the transparency

Explore the complete array of signals influencing a projected return, encompassing both positive and negative indicators across sentiment, technical analysis, fundamental metrics, and macroeconomic factors. Dive into the AI Generative Summary for comprehensive insights into the signals and news shaping the forecasted return.

screen for the best

The Screener enables you to merge anticipated forecasts, confidence levels, and accuracy to pinpoint the top-ranked securities across all categories. Heatmaps provide visual insights into the hidden market opportunities and risks.

identify thematic trends

By leveraging large language models and analyzing billions of global documents, investors can swiftly identify companies with the strongest thematic alignments to the most captivating market trends.

read the most impactful events

The events section provides you with the most critical stock, ETF, and market events measured by both sentiment and the impact it has on both market and security forecasts.

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