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Access investment insights derived from millions of global news articles,
alternative data sources, and comprehensive macro, fundamental, technical, and market data
through our APIs and SDKs.

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Utilized by the largest financial institutions globally builders

Structured JSON / CSV: Our data is provided in standardized JSON and CSV formats, simplifying integration into your application.

Client Libraries: Our libraries adhere to REST API guidelines, ensuring optimal performance.

Comprehensive Tutorials & Examples:: We offer SDKs for seamless integration with both mobileand web platforms, accompanied by extensive tutorials and examples.


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Harness the capabilities of cutting-edge AI models,
integrating vast datasets from across the globe to provide institutional-grade temporal
predictions. Utilize explainable AI to enhance your investment and trading solutions.


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Curated themes

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Knowledge Platform

Our API offers simplicity, speed, and reliability, allowing
you to focus less on the intricacies of machine learning and more on product development.

"SDK" Available

API first approach

Utilize familiar RESTful APIs and WebSockets to seamlessly access data in a language-agnostic manner.

Explainable AI

Experience exceptional transparency for every forecast and decision point. Observe signal level attribution and generative AI summaries.

Thematic Investing

Browse a vast thematic library or create a new theme ondemand.

Smarter Investing

Improve your decision-making process with security forecasts, confidence values, and accuracy scores all provided through well-known RESTful APIs.

Macroeconomic, Sector & Industry

Gain unparalleled insights into the future direction of each country's market, along with the positioning of sectors and industries within the current data landscape.