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What are Client-Designed Indexes Powered by AI?

  • QuantumStreet AI’s adaptable platform is primed to meet the growingly intricate requirements of our global financial clientele by facilitating tailor-made solutions. Recognizing the distinctiveness of institutional investors, we offer custom index licensing that integrates their specific concepts and criteria.
  • QuantumStreet AI’s Client-Designed Indexes empower institutions to harness the latest technologies, crafting advanced indexes that can merge news, macroeconomic, fundamental, quantitative, and technical datasets.
  • Since 2017, we’ve pioneered AI-powered indexes, and our index business has flourished to $6 billion, deployed across five continents. Count on top-tier quality, as our clientele includes some of the world’s largest and most esteemed financial institutions.

Key Benefits

Security Coverage

Access over 50,000 global companies, ETFs, and indices with innovative features enabling the swift development of custom models for new securities.

Data Coverage

Harness extensive datasets spanning news, fundamental, technical, macroeconomic, quantitative, and various alternative data sources.

Global leadership and support

As a global leader with $6 billion in AI-powered Client-Designed Indexes, we stand at the forefront. Our reach extends to the most esteemed banks across five continents.

IBM Partnership Support

Clients from across five continents have been hosted by IBM at their innovation studios, where they can witness real-life AI use cases such as robotic dogs, autonomous race cars, and quantum computers.

How Client-Designed Indexes are constructed?

Institutional investors design bespoke indexes tailored to their specifications.

The QuantumStreet AI Platform integrates these unique index requirements.

Institutional investors evaluate the output to determine its alignment with their objectives.

What is the criteria for selection?

Institutions have the flexibility to select from a diverse array of criteria to construct their client-designed index, including: