Moe Khosravy, Advisor

EVP Engineering Moody’s | MIT

Moe Khosravy brings 20 years of experience in products and platforms differentiated by data and applied machine learning. He is currently EVP of Software at Moody’s RMS, the world’s leading Risk Platform with advanced models and analytics. Most recently, Moe was VP of Software at HP Inc., supporting hundreds of millions of connected devices and clients including platforms for big data, computer vision, and applied ML for the 2D and 3D printing businesses. Prior to HP, Moe was Head of Applications and SDKs at Intel, focused on building experiences differentiated by AI, NLP, and rich sensor technologies.

Moe also brings experience from VMware as VP of Mobile and Cloud Data, from Microsoft with leadership roles across Cloud, Search, Windows, Server and Tools, and from Vital Images as an Architect in the advanced technologies group focused on CT/MR software solutions. Moe has over 90 software patents pending or granted in the realm of distributed systems, AI, vision, and data platforms. He is an advisor for MIT’s flagship startup accelerator. Moe received his MBA from MIT and studied neuroscience/computer science at the University of Minnesota.

Moe Khosravy